Speed Commerce Acquires Fifth Gear

Transaction Provides Scale, Diverse Customer Base and Significant Cross-Selling Opportunities.

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Integrated Ecommerce

Power your online store with Magento, BigCommerce, Kalio or any platform with our simple API.

Many companies claim to understand the direct-to-consumer business model. For Fifth Gear, we live it every day, as we have for over 30 years. Fifth Gear has grown up over the past three decades developing and delivering solutions for the catalog retail industry, and eventually for online order processing with the natural evolution to ecommerce.

We have designed and implemented order management and warehouse management for some of the largest and most progressive brands in the world of direct-to-consumer retail, along with some highly successful niche retailers in a wide variety of industry verticals.

We don't limit you with a cookie-cutter approach to warehousing and operations. Instead you'll be given a dedicated footprint supported by customized business rules and operational processes.

We segregate our warehouses to create a “business within a business” for each client, giving our employees a unique sense of loyalty to your brand. Fifth Gear can successfully manage operations to meet the demands of sales peaks, new product categories, and custom requirements. Scaling our operations and workforce to meet your unique order demand is an area of expertise for Fifth Gear.

Fifth Gear By The Numbers

500K+ Sq. Ft. of
3M+ Annual
2M+ Inventoried
500+ Awesome
70+ Satisfied
200+ Customer Care
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