Make the Most of Mobile Paid Search

A recent study indicates that 8.4 percent of paid search ad impressions in 2010 took place in a mobile device, a 238% increase over 2009. The figure has already reached 9.4 percent in January 2011. Mobile paid search clicks jumped from 7.6 percent of all clicks in November 2010 to 9.2 percent in December, and the figure is predicted to  reach 10% for the first time by March 2011.Mobile paid search is playing a large role in ecommerce marketing.

In our previous blog, we discussed how ecommerce retailers need to customize their search programs based on customers’ purchasing patterns. And today, customers’ purchasing patterns include mobile shopping. While the best practices applicable for desktop search engine campaigns remain relevant for mobile campaigns as well, e-tailers looking to extend their ecommerce marketing strategies may need to create specific search campaigns for mobile users and target their creative messaging  in different ways.

Seventy percent of mobile search users complete their purchase within an hour of logging on, whereas only thirty percent of users do so in desktop PCs. This indicates consumers may use mobile searches to satisfy immediate needs. Add to this the fact that mobile screens have limited space and typically show only the top two or three ads in a search means that a place right at the top of the listings is crucial.

Conventional search engine campaigns geo-target by country, state, city, or other custom ranges. Mobile campaigns  can be made to “geo-target” by device, such as iPhone, iPad, or  Android phones,  or by carriers such as AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, or T-Mobile to reach the right audience. For instance, an online retailer selling iPhone accessories needs to target only iPhone users. Not only can paid search be customized by areas, but it can also be set to detect browser settings, too!

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