Fifth Gear Employees Gave Back During Holidays

How did you spend your holiday season? If you’re an online retailer, you were probably knee-deep in data reports about your warehouse, your contact center, your web traffic, and your email marketing results. You probably didn’t even feel like you had time to breathe – that is, if this time period wasn’t such a blur that you remember anything at all.

At Fifth Gear, however, our employees took some time in spite of the holiday hustle and bustle to provide another kind of fulfillment: the needs of the less-fortunate. Our operations teams in Louisiana, Missouri sponsored a toy drive, bake sale, pitch-in, and donation drive to support both internal families in need as well as families in the local community. The Indianapolis office hosted a food drive and donated the collected items to a local food pantry the week before Christmas. In total, the Fifth Gear teams collected over $1700 in funds, plus hundreds of toys for needy and abused children and canned goods for the hungry.  What an amazing display of cheer during a very busy time! Our employees rock!

For a full description of the programs that Fifth Gear employees hosted during the holiday season, please see our news release.

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