Holiday Ecommerce Sales: Don’t Lose Momentum

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone, with unbelievable sales numbers and happy shoppers and retailers. So it’s safe to say that despite a somewhat gloomy economy, shoppers are willing to spend on those holiday purchases. So do not lose steam as you head into Christmas and the New Year! Here are a few tips to keep the holiday retail train chugging happily along.

Gift Guides: Create gift guides on your site so that shoppers can choose gifts for family and friends with ease. After sorting them by gender/age/hobby and so on, you can also curate gift guides according to budget, like $200 and below and so on. Guides are the best way to drive traffic and conversion rates. They also allow for a more fun and engaging shopping experience.

Upsell: When you combine certain items together, or suggest a certain product bundle or complementary product to the one the shopper has chosen, you can sell more while offering the customer added value. You can offer suggestion lists like ‘customers who bought this also bought…’ or offer bundles of items that are frequently bought-together. For example, a sleeve, headphones or wireless keyboard with a tablet or laptop.

Social Discounts: Create some buzz on social media, with Tweet-to-win deals, Pinterest wish lists, or discount codes for Facebook fans. Social media is a great way to share and promote your ecommerce business, and, with the incentive of a discount, you can drive more traffic too.

Free Shipping: Free shipping is a great way to hook customers. Whether you offer it round the year or not, make it point to highlight it during your holiday season promotions. Emphasize free shipping all over your website and not just at the cart level. Even if you require a minimum spend for free shipping, you will find that many shoppers are willing to buy an extra product or two to qualify.

How do you currently handle your holiday sales? Are there any areas you face trouble with? Let us know at Fifth Gear. We offer specialized ecommerce retail solutions for our clients, ranging from marketing to website design and hosting, as well as full-service order fulfillment and logistics. Visit to learn about our whole list of services.