How to Streamline Your Ecommerce Operations

Ecommerce Platform

Ecommerce often appears much easier than brick and mortar retailing. Since there are no overheads and storefronts to worry about, the process should be easier, right? Not really. Ecommerce offers the shopper the convenience of making purchases from their home or desk, but there are a lot of intricacies involved behind the scenes (or behind the clicks!) Getting all those little details in order plays a great role in your business success.

Consolidate Your Software: Ordering online requires the customer to fill out a form, enter their shipping details,make their payments etc. It also requires you to keep track of inventory levels as transactions happen. So, instead of using a different software for order entry, order processing, order tracking and the like, invest in an all-in-one solution ecommerce platform that helps you tie-in each of those processes and update the system in real time.

Create Payment Profiles: A major concern for online shoppers is payment security. Shoppers are wary of sharing sensitive credit card and netbanking information. A great way to build trust and to make the checkout process easier for the consumer is to create payment profile software, which lets customers store their information on secure servers instead of having to re-enter information over and over again. 

Go MultiChannel: Earlier, multichannel selling was defined by brick and mortar stores, catalogs and websites. Now, with the boom in ecommerce, you can choose to go multichannel online: make use of a single website, public marketplaces and comparison shopping sites. Plus, with the advent of social media, you also have the option to sell via Facebook and other social selling sites (like Threadflip and Motilo, for example.) If you have the inventory, then you can increase sales and improve your reach by using multiple sales channels. 

Get Your Order Fulfillment in Order: The biggest challenge online retailers face is the processing and shipping out of orders. As you expand your business, you may find it challenging to reach out to customers on the West Coast when your fulfillment center is in the midwest. A great way to ensure smooth transactions is to outsource your order fulfillment  to an expert fulfillment solutions partner. Order fulfillment providers can make it easy on you by storing your inventory in their facilities and shipping out in bulk, ensuring your order reaches on time and at a fraction of the cost.

How do you currently handle your processing, shipping and logistics? Have you considered outsourcing? Leave us a comment below. Fifth Gear specializes in order fulfillment and retail technology.