Simple Ways to Improve Online Customer Service

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Now that holiday shopping is officially in full swing, your phones may be ringing off the hook- customers from all over will be calling in, wanting to know details about products, deals, discounts, returns and more. This is the time of the year when shopping spends are up, and customers want to be sure before they make a purchase. Here are a few tactics to maintain great service even during the rush season.

Easy Access to Contact Info: Your contact details, including customer support numbers, a toll-free number, email etc need to be displayed prominently so that customers can contact you. Keep it displayed  as a banner during the holidays, or use floating icons so that customers do not have to keep heading back to the contact page. If you can provide a drop-down box or a list for the kind of query, it may help serve customers better- you can sort and direct their queries based on whether it is a complaint, pricing, shipping or general query.

Follow-Up Surveys: A great way to provide better service is to ask your customers to rate their experience. A quick yes-no survey (it needs to be short!) addressing key points works well. You can even send out a quick survey with every confirmed order. Your customers will be able to rate their experience better since they just finished the transaction, and they will value the fact that you solicit their opinion. If you do not want to resort to surveys, you can ask for feedback in a box after checkout or schedule a call once the order has been confirmed.

Monitor After-Hours Partners: In case you employ a third party after-hours call center partner, you need to keep an eye on the quality of their service and ensure that they understand and maintain your brand image. Your customers should not feel that the service and manner of communication is inconsistent.

Does your contact center face an uphill task during the holidays? Is your customer service machinery responsive and quick enough? How do you handle customer relations at present? Let us know at Fifth Gear. In addition to being a leading fulfillment services provider, we also the technology and platforms for contact center management. We strategize with our clients to leverage their strengths, enhance communication and build lasting relationships with your customers.