Use Your Ecommerce Site to Capture More Sales at the Point of Purchase

holiday ecommerce siteMost retailers have their toolboxes full of innovative ways to drive more traffic to their websites during the holidays.  Holiday emails, social media campaigns and contests are great ways to get people to visit your site during the holidays, but once they are there, how can you prevent cart abandonment.

Target Current Buyers: Your current buyers will always spend more than first time buyers, so offer them a little something extra to kick off the holiday spending. Closer to the holidays, give existing customers gift recommendations, limited period offers or discounts if they shop from you during the holidays. You are not only giving them a reason to come back, but good reason to buy as well.

Wrap Things Around Gifting:
Your website should reflect the spirit of giving and gifting- for others and for yourself! So play around with banners and color schemes, keep a tab on what people are searching for and display your top-trending gift searches and purchases; create a prominent wish list tab- anything to make the experience more engaging and user friendly.

Entice with Free Shipping:
One of the first things holiday shoppers look for when visiting a website is your shipping policy. State your shipping and returns policy clearly and provide a link to it on the landing page. Many shoppers expect free shipping, even more so during the holidays when they are making bulk purchases. If you find that order volumes are too high during this season, try outsourcing your fulfillment operations to a third-party fulfillment services partner. An order fulfillment partner can store inventory, as well as pick, pack and ship  orders as they come in. They can often do this at quicker speeds and lower rates.

How do you switch into holiday gear? Do you change the look and feel of your website or do you offer attractive shipping and delivery options? Either way, Fifth Gear can help. Fifth Gear is an integrated retail solutions provider, offering everything from website design and hosting services to order processing, fulfillment and logistics. We deliver year-round for our customers, and we understand your pressing needs during the holidays. Visit to learn more.