Why You Should Set Delivery Expectations

ecommerce shipping

Ecommerce is convenient because it brings the shopping experience to the customer’s doorstep. However, shipping and delivery can be the trickiest part of ecommerce. Some customers want their products quickly, while others prefer a cheaper shipping option even if it takes longer. Either way, customers want to know how long they will have to wait before their order reaches them. This is why setting shipping and delivery expectations upfront is a good idea. Here are more reasons why:

Reduces Cart Abandonment: When you establish a shipping and delivery policy upfront and put it on your website where everyone can see, potential customers have access to it before checkout, which means they know what to expect. This reduces the chance of cart abandonment and having someone back out of an order because they do not agree with your shipping and delivery terms.

Offers Greater Convenience: Your customers need to know when their package is going to arrive so that they can be there to receive it or have someone receive it for them. When you state the delivery time, it makes it easier on the customer. Also, by offering more than one delivery option to your customers, they can choose  a delivery mode and time frame that suits their level of urgency and budget.

Reduces Complaints: When you are clear about your shipping policy and delivery dates, your customers will be too. They will not hit the panic button and call your customer service department unnecessarily. Your customers will know how long they need to wait and what to do if they need to return a product.

To Build Trust: The key to a successful ecommerce business is to build trust with your customer. This will help you win their loyalty and also put you in a better position for recommendations by customers. When shopping online, customers do not have the convenience of physically viewing the product. The only way to build their trust is to provide them with the correct product and to deliver it on time. Delays and mix-ups will only make them wary of shopping with you again.

How do you handle your shipping and order fulfillment operations?