Brand Support

By carefully managing your retail brand, you build consumer credibility, have more influence on your target market, and motivate shoppers to purchase from you. If done correctly, your retail brand will be viewed as a trend-setter, not a complacent bystander.

At Fifth Gear, we understand the value of a strong retail brand, and the ongoing investment that must be made to sustain it.  We simply become your brand inside the contact center.

To be successful in communicating your brand’s unique story, our agents become keenly aware of the needs and wants of your shoppers. They immerse themselves in your products and your overall approach to serving customers. Our contact center management team works closely with clients to build on successes and uncover new ways to enhance your brand investment.

Agent Training

The Fifth Gear contact center becomes a direct extension of your direct-to-consumer marketing team. Agents are extensively trained to understand customer demographics and the products you offer. Your Fifth Gear contact center agents will speak your language. They will be confident experts on your catalogs and ecommerce order options and have hands-on experience with your products. They will also capture call data and anecdotal feedback to help you make critical business decisions.

Training is a critical part of the process of implementation of new clients at Fifth Gear.  We will conduct discovery meetings to get to the heart of your organization’s culture and brand.  Agents can be trained on a client site or in train-the-trainer sessions to ensure consistency and quality during transition to our call center facilities.  And the training never stops.  Our agents are managed with quality assurance metrics, and clients provide detailed ongoing feedback to make certain we tweak scripts, manage expectations and deliver on your promises.

Branded Communication

Beyond the phone, the Fifth Gear contact center team will drive the consistency of your brand through all communication channels.  We can develop branded email templates, develop direct mail follow up processes, and manage personalized interactions to ensure your customer’s experience is ideal.

Voice Branding

This is where traditional voice prompts and on-hold messaging become an opportunity to support your customer’s overall experience with your retail brand. Voice branding is more than a voice on the other end of the phone. It’s a chance to turn an ordinary transaction into a conversation.

Custom voice scripts and your choice of voice talent bring you closer to your customers with warmth and personality as a part of every experience.

Did you know…

  • Fifth Gear agents do extensive ongoing training in on-site product rooms filled with your merchandise.
  • Agents are encouraged to take products home to try them and share feedback on particular benefits, clarifications, etc. to the team and back to you.
  • Through the use of custom voice talent and branded scripting, we can create distinctive characters and personas to support your brand.
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