Customer Care

Fifth Gear clients rely on our contact center for expertise, best practices, and operational efficiencies that would be difficult to manage on their own. Our contact center team shares valuable feedback to ensure excellence in customer care while reinforcing your brand’s unique image. Every policy and process is designed to deliver a consistent and exceptional customer experience for your shoppers.

Supporting the Relationship

Your Fifth Gear contact center team is designed around your peak seasons, customer demographic, and any other factors that dictate the best fit and best results. Each team member will use a fully integrated order system that ties directly to your order management and fulfillment technology, ensuring seamless data capture and customer care.

Personal Touches

For day-to-day management of your operations, Fifth Gear appoints a member of our business services team as a primary point of contact. She will work closely with you as your on-site advocate and brand champion and is dedicated to supporting you and your customers in any way possible. This includes the ongoing analysis of overall business growth and call volume to help anticipate the need to expand coverage.

The Things That Count

We are here to help you reach your business goals. When you streamline your operations and contact center with Fifth Gear, you reduce overhead, eliminate staffing worries, and become more efficient. You also gain a faithful advocate for your business, one with deep product knowledge, respect for your brand, and an ongoing commitment to personal service.

Did you know Fifth Gear Customer Care Specialists…

  • Number more than 250 with additional flex staff to accommodate peak seasons
  • Work as cross-team specialists or may be selected as a member of your dedicated team.
  • Have become some of the most experienced in the industry, with an average tenure of over eight(8) years
  • Use the same order management technology as our warehouses, providing immediate, real-time access to all order fulfillment and inventory data

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