Newsletter for Ecommerce and Catalog Retailers – Aug 5 2011

Aug 5, 2011
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Free shipping causes a conundrum
Online retailers are caught in a fix. Consumers now consider free shipping a must-have and are flocking to the web to take full advantage. However, retailers are increasingly concerned over the reduced margins and increased transportation costs due to higher gas prices that come with offering the promotion…
(Source: Stores.org)

Federal sales tax bill introduced
US Sen. Dick Durbin introduced a federal tax bill on July 29 that would require all online retailers to collect sales tax regardless of their location. However, the legislation also mandates that states simplify their sales tax laws, thus making it easier for e-tailers to collect taxes across states…
(Source: Internet Retailer)

Are you ready for Santa?
Though the official start to the holiday season is a good 100 days away, retailers are already ramping up their fulfillment operations – and their marketing campaigns. If you’re still at the starting point for holiday preparation, here are some basic tips that will help ensure your marketing campaigns are integrated into your inventory and fulfillment planning…
(Source: Retail Online Integration)

Getting ready for school
Some retailers might have the back-to-school jitters, especially when industry experts talk about budget-minded customers and a projected reduction in household spending. But with an expected $68 million in online sales this year, ecommerce retailers are sensing a great opportunity to get a piece of the back-to-school pie…
(Source: Website Magazine)

Common-sense tips for successful conversions
You are probably analyzing site traffic, personalizing landing pages, identifying traffic sources, and calculating abandonment rates – all in an effort to improve your ecommerce conversion rates. But before you buy one more hyped-up tool, read these 9 common-sense tips proven to increase your conversion…
(Source: Business Insider)

The Davids of ecommerce find success
According to the Internet Retailer’s Second 500 Guide, which lists the 501st to 1000th largest e-retailers, smaller merchants increased their size and sales in 2010 faster and at a higher percentage than the top 500 largest merchants. Their secret to success? A focused approach to creating successful web operations…
(Source: Internet Retailer)

Retailers try to pin down return on social media investment
From promoting merchandise to collecting competitive information, retailers are doing it all through social media. But when asked about return on their investment, most retailers are unable to pinpoint monetization accurately. By enabling purchases via Facebook, they hope to be assured of social ROI…
(Source: eMarketer)

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