Newsletter For Ecommerce and Catalog Retailers – Aug 19 2011

Aug 19, 2011

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Falling stocks may not phase ecommerce

Do ecommerce retailers have to worry too much about downgraded credit ratings and dropping stock markets? Not really, if it is only a temporary dip before the holiday season surge, say industry experts. Instead, continue to focus on creating value, marketing to price-sensitive customers, and designing mobile and tablet-friendly websites…
(Source: Internet Retailer)

Target the affluent spender for maximum returns

The affluent (more than $100,000 in annual income) shop more, spend more time online, take action based on ads, and don’t mind ad tracking when it results in a more personalized shopping experience. It’s easy to see why they are getting more than their share of attention from marketers…
(Source: CRM Buyer)

Put your data in the driver’s seat

Online retailers are still using guesswork when designing landing pages and creating offers and promotions. Instead, they should be using analytic and testing software to pinpoint what appeals to the customer. Whether you are optimizing websites or assessing the success of your campaigns, let the data lead the way…
(Source: Electronic Retailer)

Time your emails just right

Forget industry recommendations on the best time to send emails! Multivariate testing of email sends will give you the best response time for your customers. When sending your emails, don’t forget information like time zone, offer date, and precise expiration dates to make it more effective…
(Source: Practical Ecommerce)

From word of mouth to conversion

Marketers are using social media as word of mouth marketing to spread the word about their brand. By creating easily spread messages relevant to their target market and using advocates and special channels of engagement, retailers can convert on their marketing efforts quickly…
(Source: eMarketing and Commerce)

Pull the trigger on multichannel campaigns

Forrester Research states that 49% of businesses do not take any action based on their customers’ preferences, and only 29% of companies have the ability to deliver a consistent multichannel experience. Using trigger-based messaging by preferences and location may be the key to winning over the multichannel customer…
(Source: Chief Marketer)

Online sales tax in Tennessee too?

With California, New York, Arkansas, Illinois, and Connecticut enforcing the collection of sales tax by online retailers, can Tennessee be far behind? When Amazon announced its plans for a 500,000 square foot distribution center in Tennessee, the state began considering its options for more revenue…
(Source: The Tennessean)

Doing ecommerce the ‘flash sale’ way

MyHabit, Zulily, Hautelook, and Ideeli have all one thing in common – three-digit growth in online visits in the last 2 years! These popular websites, which provide limited time and inventory offerings, continue to offer proof that recession or not, consumers always love a great deal…
(Source: Retail Online Integration)

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