Newsletter for Ecommerce and Catalog Retailers Dec 16, 2011

December 16, 2011
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Men and women are from different planets
Especially when it comes to shopping! Men and women exhibit marked differences when shopping, with women searching on brands, browsing product categories more, and spreading the word about brands and promotions, while men seem to prefer specific products with detailed product descriptions…
(Source: Practical Ecommerce)

Fine-tuning your website’s performance post-holiday
Website performance is critical even after the holiday season because retailers start pushing sales items to make room for new inventory. From minimizing down time to testing and retesting for peak traffic, here are 6 ways to ensure 100% efficiency…
(Source: Multichannel Merchant)

Trends in cross channel in 2012
Insights gleaned from clickstream paths. Strategies for mobile commerce. Fleshing out omni-channel execution. Creating a branded online marketplace. Converting “likes” to revenue. Experts are predicting these as the must-plan strategies for cross channel retailers in the coming year…
(Source: Retail Online Integration)


Is retail going to heal the economy?
With 18% of the American workforce in retail and with 9% unemployment today, the retail sector is critical for the country’s economy. This report by Penn State University and ISR magazine explores the role of retail in 2012…
(Source: Retail Solutions Online)


Privacy not as important as discounts
For those e-retailers who fear that privacy concerns may curtail online sales, here comes a new study from KPMG that indicates that over 50% of consumers are willing to exchange usage and personal information for lower product cost and discounts…
(Source: Internet Retailer)


New Year’s resolutions for your marketing team
Your New Year’s resolution should include these three phases without fail – customer acquisition, data analytics, and reconnecting/reengaging. As lead conversion from different channels becomes a key concern, having a plan that continually engages with prospects based on analytics is critical…
(Source: Multichannel Merchant)


‘Tis the Season
Retail News for the 2011 Holiday Season


Ecommerce outsells brick-and-mortar
Retailers saw a 6.7% increase in November over October sales, but what delighted non-store retailers is the fact that their online sales saw a 13.9% increase – with ecommerce and mail order sales contributing to 75% of that increase…
(Source: Internet Retailer)

Shoppers wait to take advantage of deals
By the second week of December, 53.5% of shoppers are yet to complete their shopping list. With half of them planning to take advantage of extended deadlines and complete their shopping online, ecommerce retailers can anticipate more records to be broken by the end of the season…
(Source: NRF.com)

Analyze and personalize for better holiday sales
While most retailers have their ecommerce strategy down pat for the holidays, it doesn’t hurt to enhance your website based on data obtained during recent holiday promotions. Use sales data and popular search terms from your website to further personalize your offering…
(Source: Retail Online Integration)


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