Newsletter for Ecommerce and Catalog Retailers – Jan 28 2011

January 28, 2011

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FIFTH GEAR Choice of the Week

Stay Ahead in 2011 With These Ecommerce Basics

From mobile apps and getting social, to offering online discount coupons, online retailers are being asked to change the way they market. Here are some best practices for you to keep your bottom line healthy in 2011…

(Source: ROI, January 26, 2011)

Marketers to Spend 10% More in 2011 for Email Marketing

60% of marketers expect to increase their marketing budgets by 10% or more this year – for email. In the report released by the Aberdeen Group, 83% of the respondents considered email marketing as fundamental to their success, well ahead of social media (54%), call center (38%) and mobile (15%)…

(Source: InternetRetailer – January 26, 2011)

And the Winner (Again!) is – Email

70% of the B2B Marketers interviewed said they would increase their online marketing budget for websites, followed closely by, you guessed it, email (68%). Social media came a close third at 62%. And what is their main objective? Customer Acquisition (69%)…

(Source: eMarketer, January 25, 2011)

“Live” Service Very Critical for Online Customers

Are your customers more likely to use online self-help or call your customer care center? Why do they come back to your website? How many of them continue to be loyal to your brand? Want to know the answers? A “live chat” would help…

(Source: Retail Online Integration – January 5, 2011)

Now That You Have Built It, Are They Coming?

You have a great ecommerce website, but do your customers know where you are? Ensure that you get found by creating SEO friendly content that goes beyond mere keyword stuffing. Follow these 10 tips for creating great content for your website…

(Source: Multichannel Merchant, January 25, 2011)

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