Newsletter for Ecommerce and Catalog Retailers – May 27 2011

May 27, 2011
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Looking for the perfect ecommerce partner?
What factors should a retailer consider when seeking an ecommerce partner? Their website? Their ability to provide advertising and affiliate support? Expertise in integrating systems and solutions? The answer: all of the above, plus the desire to help your business succeed!…
(Source: Retail Online Integration)

Bridge multichannel gaps with catalogs
Almost 70% of online orders for catalogers come as a direct result of their print catalog. Catalogers need to think beyond free shipping and square inch analysis and adopt technology like mobile and QR codes to bridge the gap between their offline and online channels…
(Source: Multichannel Merchant)

Analyzing the effectiveness of email
How do you measure the success of your email marketing? A study of over 2 billion emails sent by 213 marketers confirms that emails with relevant content, sent at a lesser frequency, have higher open rates. And the best way to measure success? Analyze secondary clicks…
(Source: eMarketing and Commerce (via ROI))

M-Commerce actually a boon for e-commerce

Ecommerce analysts who fear that mobile purchases will reduce their ecommerce sales can stop worrying. M-commerce sales actually replace store sales, states a PayPal study. Moreover, with the rapid growth in smart phone popularity, the ecommerce pie can only get bigger…
(Source: Internet Retailer)

Differentiation makes today’s marketing work
For marketers struggling to break through the clutter of a customer’s daily marketing messages, it is all about creating a differential message. Forget what you learned at business school, because today’s marketing is all about a new set of Ps – purpose, point-of-difference, persona, and police…
(Source: Multichannel Merchant)

Senator defends behavioral marketing
Online retailers and behavioral marketing have a new ally in the US Senate: Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill. The Senator recently argued for functionality to drive the privacy issue and cited cases where customers could erase data remotely on their stolen or lost mobile devices due to location monitoring…
(Source: Direct Marketing News)

USPS to offer discounts for direct marketers
In an effort to boost revenue, the US Postal Service is offering discounts to direct mail marketers who use quick response barcodes that are readable by smart phones. The promotion, extended from July 1 through August 31, aims to demonstrate the link technology provides between print and digital marketing…
(Source: BtoB Online)

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