Newsletter for Ecommerce and Catalog Retailers – Oct 28

October 28, 2011
Industry News
FIFTH GEAR Choice of the Week

More good news for online retailers
Third quarter sales were up 18% and site visits by 16% when compared to last year’s numbers. Recent figures also indicated better numbers for shopping cart abandonment, customer engagement, and conversion rates…
(Source: Internet Retailer)

Planning your inventory for contingencies
It sometimes takes a lot of effort to align product plans, inventory, and sales forecasting with the marketing calendar. But by planning in advance, maintaining a markdown schedule, and analyzing your inventory purchases, it’s possible to create a harmonious inventory plan…
(Source: Retail Online Integration)

When your customer calls
The 2012 Call Center Summit survey highlights the growing concerns businesses face in engaging phone customers. Handling emerging technologies, efficiency metrics, emotional engagement, and social media channels are some of the challenges contact center executives face…
(Source: Big Fat Marketing Blog)

Encourage multiple items in the shopping cart
According to a recent study, shoppers will spend more on themselves and less on others’ gifts this year when compared to last year. 43% of adults aged 25-34 plan to buy online. 62% will shop on black Friday, up from 54% last year. Regardless, 100% will expect more discounts and better deals!…

(Source: Practical Ecommerce)

Brands need to act on complaining tweets
Never underestimate the power of the little bird. Brands are expected to respond to customer complaints via tweets – and when they do, they are rewarded with a positive customer experience…
(Source: emarketer)

Dynamic content makes it rain profits
Changing you website when the weather changes may not make sense for most retailers, but for those whose products are seasonal or location-sensitive, geo-location software and dynamic ecommerce technology can personalize your customer’s online experience – and increase sales…
(Source: Retail Online Integration)

‘Tis the Season
Retail News for the 2011 Holiday Season

It’s beginning to look up this Christmas. Or is it?
While some holiday surveys predict record-setting online sales, others are highlighting the fact that customers may spend less than last year on themselves and on gifts. Get ready for a memorable, unpredictable holiday season…
(Source: Internet Retailer)

Generous holiday return policy equals loyal customers
Every retailer knows that the key to repeat customers is to ensure they have a great shopping experience, especially when they return products! Quicker, faster, and cheaper sums up what customers expect from brands’ return policies this holiday season…
(Source: Multichannel Merchant)

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