If all you’re looking for is someone to stuff a box, slap a label on it and send it out the door, then Fifth Gear is not the right partner for you. But, if you're looking for a strategic operational partner that will help you grow, fulfill complex orders and build your brand - we should talk.

We pick orders, pack boxes, and ship products. It’s the core of what we do. But what makes Fifth Gear different than other order fulfillment companies is that we do more – in fact, Fifth Gear can be the single source provider for all of your operational needs. We view outsourced order management as a strategic partnership and offer customized services that are designed to reduce costs, increase productivity, and, most importantly, improve your customers' experience.


Engraving, embroidery, wood cutting, and glass cutting. Personalization is not only an additional product offering that customers love; it’s also an excellent up-sell opportunity for retailers. Our in-house facilities make it happen – and we do it with the highest quality control standards around.

Beyond Just Picking and Packing

Whether it's embroidering a name on a lapel or engraving wooden fixtures, Fifth Gear has it covered.

Complex Kitting? Perfect!

If your product mix includes multi-SKU kits, have no fear. Fifth Gear can design, build, and package your orders to create custom kits that customers love.

Reviving Returns

Do your products require a special process before being resold? No sweat. We can handle garment steaming, basic repairs, and even hygienic cleaning to get your inventory back on the shelf and out the door again in no time.

Who We Work With

From bathtubs to baby clothes, Fifth Gear can fulfill a wide range of products for retail customers at all ends of the direct-to-consumer spectrum. However, we’ve developed significant expertise in several niche areas and can provide customized solutions that increase customer loyalty and add value for these markets.

Apparel & Accessories

Pet Supplies

Health & Personal Care

Tools & Hardware

Professional Development

Home Goods & Gifts

Continuity Programs

Fifth Gear Warehouse Technology

Our proprietary platform was designed specifically around retailers with established multi-channel operations. It includes a massive toolset for managing every aspect of the retail business, from receiving to shipping and everything in between. Beyond the operational aspect of our platform, it's also run from a single database housing the information from all areas of your business – from order management to website hosting and infrastructure.

There is no software to purchase, license, or learn. We use our technology for you to deliver a hands-off service that just makes sense.

Order Management

  • Flexible platforms that accommodate your business processes
  • Customized reporting for full visibility into your business
  • Accepts all major credit card processors for your customers

Customer Management

  • Browser-based interface for seamless customer service and ease of use for contact center agents
  • Single database records all customer interactions, account history, etc.
  • Customer information updated in real time across all access points

Hosting and Infrastructure

  • Multiple, disparate data hosting with full redundancy
  • Expertise in communications, networks, and the latest in server virtualization technology
  • Reporting platforms that allow customers to see their business grow


  • Accommodation for more 3rd party systems and providers for your convenience
  • 100% real-time communication across all business functions

You provide the business vision; we’ll provide the technological brawn. With nearly thirty years of experience in retail technology development, Fifth Gear’s systems and infrastructure are the foundation for our customers’ success.

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