Fifth Gear brings you a dashboard reporting tool designed for quick and detailed assessment of your retail business’ health.  FIGURES (coming soon) provides advanced reporting so senior managers can easily keep their fingers on the pulse of their business.

Several categories of reports allow Fifth Gear clients to view year-over-year performance at a glance.

Or, take a deeper dive into daily operations with clear data and graphics.

Fifth Gear brings you the “figures” you must have to make sound decisions when guiding the growth strategies for your direct-to-consumer retail operation.

Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports are necessary to obtain quick assessment of trends in your retail operation.  KPI’s provide insight to vital data such as actual vs. projected revenue and comparisons of timeline trends.

Allow Fifth Gear to provide you with customized views of the data you choose.  Elect to review data by company division or date range for comparison of sales performance between channels or against projected demand.  We can organize custom reports for our clients for review of annual, monthly, weekly, daily or even geographic results.

Tracking Your Data

  • Revenue
  • Profit
  • Profit Margin
  • Number of Orders
  • Average Order Value
  • Number of Units
  • Average Number of Units
  • Number of Lines
  • Average Lines per Order
  • New Customers
  • Repeat Customer Purchases
  • MORE – Just Ask

Ecommerce Sales Analytics

Sales analytics are the foundation for making informed decisions based on past performance.  Fifth Gear’s FIGURES provides trend-based dashboards designed to indicate your fastest moving products and categories.  Summary level visibility of the demand dollar value of top selling products can be viewed at a glance or with drill-down specificity.

Quick Performance Comparisons

  • Demand Dollar Value
  • Profit Margin Dollar Value
  • % of Demand at Each Level
  • In-Stock Supply
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